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  Nov 22, 2006
Individual paid mode is on
We are glad to inform you that we responded to wish of some partners to retain paid mode and modified the network engine the way that partners can set silver mode period length for their sites. Thus if you want to stay in paid mode, you can set it considerably short (for example 3 days), if you want to have "free site", you can set it longer like 1 year (365 days). Thank you for being a partner and we wish you even more earnings with dotSilver network.
  Oct 19, 2006
Traditional network is FREE
We are glad to inform you that traditional dating network is going to work in the FREE mode. It will be done for network promotion. We are sure that it'll increase member's database. We are trying to be the best in the sphere of dating. And we are working on it and we hope that the day will come when we will deservedly be able to say that we are really the best. When Free mode is ended you will be able to earn good money & they'll be added to your balance. You are always welcome! Feel free to ask questions.
  Feb 9, 2006
Saint Valentine's Day
From now on and till 16th of February 2006 we double the time of all types of membership, for those who will buy the membersip during this time. It gives us the opportunity to attract more members in our system and also don't forget to notify all members that you have on current moment.
Happy coming Valentine's Day!
  Jan 27, 2006
Version 2.0.4 released
Today we have released the dotSilver update 2.0.4. Among everything else there are minor bug fixes, cosmetic changes to comply with Opera, PHP5 support and switching to "Mon Cher" layout as default. Feel free to update.
P.S. Specially for you, Christian.
  Dec 15, 2005
2.0.2 updates for the traditional dating software package and layouts are released. They contain minor bugfixes and validated HTML/CSS code. Changelogs for smooth update from the earlier versions are coming soon, as well as the same set of updates for the adult packages.

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dotSilver Network is a global secure database of singles around the world who post personal ads from dating services sites (network partners). We unite dating service websites working together for everyone's particular benefit.

The Online Dating business has recently become one of the most profitable businesses on the Internet. Their successful developments is based on the right business strategy, unique, professional and secure software, advertising, promotion and a lot more important factors for a Dating Site to grow. dotSilver has developed an elaborated and unique approach to uniting Dating Web Sites in an online global network. This service shares one single common database, providing equal content for all the Dating Sites within the dotSilver Global Network.

This global unification project has shown its great strength, as there are already more than 600 successfully running Dating Web Sites in the dotSilver global network.


We have created a high-end dating website software platform, extremely secure, professional, combining outstanding design and extremely high backend solutions which altogether make dotSilver Dating Software something special.

We provide our valued Global network members with this software for free! You get fully functional Dating Web Site, connected to the dotSilver global network, which brings all the network members to Your newly established Dating Web Site immediately, raising Your join- and conversion-rate thus making promotion of your site faster and easier.

dotSilver dating software Features:

  • Live Audio/Video Flash Chat and Instant Messenger. Enough said!
  • Exhaustive advanced search by location, US zip codes, world cities, username, keyword, etc...
  • Built-in content and advertisement management
  • Self-supported search engine friendly site structure
  • Secure double blind messaging system
  • Scam/spam report system
  • Matchmaking
  • ... and much more

See Full List of Features


With dotSilver You will only need:

  • $5/mo value hosting account
  • domain name
  • 15 minutes of your time
This is enough to start building your stable revenue stream with dotSilver Partnership program.


dotSilver Partnership is completely free!

  • No setup fees
  • No monthly fees
  • No hidden costs
You will never need to pay for anything being a dotSilver partner.


Check out design layouts developed for your use by both dotSilver staff and our partners-enthusiasts.


    You earn when:
  • Your member buys subscription on any site of dotSilver network
  • Any dotSilver network member buys subscription on your site
  • Any member contacts any of your members
  • Any member contacts any member on your site

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