Beware SCAM! Russian scammers, dating scam, Nigerian letters, etc.

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Beware SCAM! Russian scammers, dating scam, Nigerian letters, etc.

You've probably heard of some kind of Internet scam. Unfortunately dating and personals sites have scammers pretty often. This is the problem that any dating service faces, no matter how big/small it is. What is dating scam and what you can do to be safe?

There are two most popular types of scam over the Internet - Dating Scam and so-called "Nigerian Letters". And, there are two most frequent scammers sources - Russia (with other ex-USSR countries) and African countries.

Both types of scam have similar layouts and both are easy to identify - cheaters correspond with you, write kind and affectionate letters and finally beg you for money. Simple as that. They will need money for dying aunty, visa arrangements, ticket to fly to you, pay for Internet, have an urgent surgery, etc. Professional scammers deal with hundreds of credent people and make really good money.

You need only two tips to be safe and not become a victim:

TIP 1 (how to identify scam): If you got a letter from an African country and you see any mentioning of huge money amounts proposed to you – this is scam; if you got a letter from a official relative – this is scam; if you got a letter proposing you money for some kind of service from a person that you don’t even know – this is scam; if your pen pal asks you to send a certain amount of money for visa, bribe, surgery, etc. after a few tender letters – this is scam.

TIP 2 (how to avoid scam): Very simple! DON’T SEND MONEY to anyone until you met her(him) in person.

And, please, report scam. Reports are by far the only way to fight it. We at dotSilver do our best to detect scammers and take measures against them, but we can do little without your help.

You can browse through our Dating Scam List to see if you recognize photos or email of a scammer. In this case you should report this member ASAP and discontinue any communication with the person.

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