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About dotSilver Network

Modification date: Apr 21, 2005

dotSilver Dating & Personals Network is a powerful engine uniting dating business websites. Our partners install (or ask us to install) our dating software specifically developed for connecting to our global database of members. Thus every partner receives personals website script (its installation takes normally well under 5 minutes); gets access to the whole network shared database of members; and dives into one of the most profitable Internet commerce industries.

Attractive offer to partners, comprehensive knowledge base, extensive technical support - these are the factors making us one of the fastest growing personals networks in the world.

dotSilver Network is brought to you by Skalfa eCommerce - pioneers of this kind of partnership systems.

    At the moment dotSilver.com unites the following global dating networks:
  • Traditional dating (somewhat conservative) network
  • Adult dating (sex-oriented and liberal) network

All networks basically operate in a similar manner. Under your profile at dotSilver.com you can register your partner sites that have dotSilver Partner script running. You can set up dotSilver Partner software at as many sites as you wish. The dotSilver.com partner panel envisages control and statistics drawing for all of your possible sites that will be divided into appropriate networks.

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