Financial Overview

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Financial Overview

Modification date: Sep 22, 2005

This is the short illustration of dotSilver partnership program finance distribution.

  • When the membership is purchased, 40% of the membership purchase amount is split in two:
    - 30% allocated to the balance of the web site, which this membership was purchased on;
    - and other 10% allocated to the web site, which this member first registered in*

    * Once registered in a web site of the dotSilver network, member may login from any other web sites within the dotSilver network, so the member may first register in one site, but then stay and purchase membership from another web site within the dotSilver network, in that case sites may be different.

  • Member generates contacts during the membership period.
  • Membership expires. Rest 60% is now divided by the number of contacts, which have been generated by the member during the membership period.
  • Every piece is split in two: 10% allocated to the site, on which the contact took place; and other 90% allocated to the site, which the contacted member is registered in.

For a more detailed and strict description see Financial Details document.

Exact figures in this document reflect the current state of affairs on the date of this document and are subject to change on dotSilver Union's discretion.

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