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June 17, 2008:

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Traditional Dating Network Software

 Partner Script 

Script File Size Release Date Version Changelog
dating-.silver-partner-2.0.4 .tar.bz2 428981b Jan 27, 2006 2.0.4 dating-2.0.4-changelog.html
.zip 555297b
.tar.gz 453611b

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Adult Dating Network Software

 Partner Script 

Script File Size Release Date Version Changelog
adult-.silver-partner-2.0.3 .tar.gz 566732b Dec 21, 2005 2.0.3 adult-2.0.3-changelog.html
.zip 670357b
.tar.bz2 546802b

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Partner site installation manual


  • Every partner script package comes with one pre-installed layout and English language file for easier start.
  • Always use the latest version if you see several versions available. Old versions may not work with current dotSilver heart engine.
  • Partner packages archives of the same version can be in different formats (tar.bz2, tar.gz, zip). Use the one you feel comfortable working with.
  • We strongly discourage you from modifying software versions less than 1.0. Earlier versions changes do not get documented in changelogs completely that's why you can face serious problems upgrading it and keeping your unique modifications.
  • ChangeLog files for each version tell you what was new in that particular dotSilver partner dating script and help you upgrade smoothly with keeping your unique modifications. ChangeLogs come in easily readable format, we are sure you won't have problems with using them.

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